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 When it comes to lash extensions services, there's alot to choose from!

Some lash technicians provide lashes as their only service, while others have it as an option with multiple other services they provide.
Some lash technicians will apply 75-150 lashes per eye in their full sets, while other technicians do sets at 25-35 lashes per eye.
Some lash technicians provide only individual lash extensions (one by one application), while others save time with “cluster” lashes. 
Some lash technicians take the time to isolate each individual natural lash to give professional adhesion, while others might “drop” lash extensions onto natural lashes to save time and effort.

With so many options, the price of these lash extensions will vary! Obviously, discount lash extensions seem appealing, especially to someone on a tight budget, But with bargain lashes however, there is a  hidden “cost” , the client will pay a price that often outweighs saving a few dollars!

So what will be the price you pay by not spending big bucks for professionally applied lash extensions? 

1. Your Lash Follicle Health
Lash extensions must be applied to isolated individual natural lashes. That means that each natural hair on your lash line  should grow and sheds as it normally would with or without lash extensions. Natural lashes grow at different points in their lash cycle.  That means, new hair follicles are growing at a rapid rate, while older lashes are in their “resting phase”.  What happens when a  lash extension is applied to multiple natural lashes (not isolated properly?)  the new natural lashes that are growing most rapidly will PULL and RIP OUT the other natural lashes it is glued to. This can  stress the hair follicle which will lead to thinning of your natural lashes, and unfortunately, eventually, (although usually semi-permanent) can cause the hair follicle to stop growing an eyelash altogether forever!.
Example of an actual client who came for a "fill in"=her lash technician did not isolate her hair properly, as you can see her hair is stuck together in this mess

Its important to know that lash extensions can still destroy natural lashes even if applied correctly and natural lashes are isolated properly and professionally if inappropriate lash lengths and/or widths are used it can weigh down or pull out natural lashes prematurely. if a lash is lost prematurely it will take time for the hair follicle to grow another hair, which can cause spaces in your lash line, and if pulled out enough over and over again, hair may not grow back-or if it does, may grow back shorter, or finer. This can also happen by using excess glue to please the client and have the extensions last longer. The excess glue sticks to baby hairs waiting to grow near by and uproot them causing hair loss. A properly trained lash tech knows the appropriate dimensions/weight/lengths that your natural lashes can handle and will make sure you do not lose your natural hair or length. She will also know the proper amount of glue to use so it stays the right amount of time without killing the root of the lashes or causing lashes to stick together.
example of a set of lashes where extensions are glued together

2. Lash Hygiene and Cleanliness 
Cluster lashes are not the same thing as professional individual lash extensions. As I noted before, isolating lashes is an essential factor to follicle health. But you must also know that the health and hygiene of your general eye area (lashes, eyelids, eyeballs, etc.) is of equal importance. Cluster lashes are “knots” of individual lash extensions that are usually placed to lie ontop of your natural lashes. Because the bases of the “clusters” are so wide and fat, when they are dipped in the glue it creates  a lot of excess adhesive weight which is then transferred onto your natural lashes causing a “hard band” of solid glue once dried. If a client cant brush through their lash extensions, then they can also be sure that their cleanser and water will not get to the places it needs to in order to clean the eye area properly. Not to mention the fact that the cluster glue is very strong and when the cluster falls it can grab and pull your natural lashes out with it. *Care must be used when having the cluster lashes applied that they are done using temporary glue that only lasts a few days. Cluster lashes should not be worn often, as stated previously they stress the hair. Cluster lashes- (Often called "Party Lashes" , "Individaul lashes", " Express lashes", are not the same as lash extensions!)

clumps of cluster lashes removed from client
Client arrived with a mix of cluster and individual lashes all glued together in this clumpy mess

clients left eye has lots of breakage and damage done by faulty technician using cluster lashes, heaps of glue, and individual lashes without isolation 
Lash extensions add 100-500% surface cover onto the eyelash area. The natural lash function is to protect our eyes from dirt and allergies. It is  important to wash our lashes regularly even with lash extensions on – think about how much more space bacteria has to breed on with all the added extensions! Think of how much more dirt can get trapped near your eye? Washing your extensions every day is imperative, and washing eyes should be done on the lashes themselves (on, in-between and through), and also right down to the eyelid (where the base of the natural lashes grow). With cluster lashes its impossible to get through to the lash extensions to clean them properly because they can clump. Thats how bacteria infections can blossom, as well as other eye gross stuff like sty’s, pink eye, and blepharitis. 

3. More Maintenance Fees
If you see a technician offering lash extensions that are cheaper make sure to ask how many lashes per eye are applied as a full set. A 250 NIS full set doesn’t always mean the lash extension are improperly applied but chances are they are, or that the technician is only offering between 35-40 lashes per eye, while a 400 NIS for a full set will be closer to 125 lashes per eye done impeccably perfect and professionally. 
While the bargain price tag is appealing, a mini set of lash extensions will require a  fill-in much sooner than a higher lash per eye set. On average we lose natural lashes aprox 1-5 lashes daily – meaning that the 35 extensions per eye set could be gone in only 1-2 weeks, while the 125 extension per eye set will still look great (just less full) at the 3 week mark.
If you as a client need to go for touch up fills every 1-1.5 weeks to keep lash extensions looking good, this price really adds up! Not to mention the waste of your time – aint nobody got time for that! A properly done full set should cost somewhere in the 400 NIS range and keep you 2-3 weeks till a fill. If you need a fill in only after a month it is certain your lashes were glued together, or too much glue was used and there is residual damage after they will fall. A set that lasts too long is a strong indication of a badly applied set.

4. Your Dream Professional Lash Style
 Lash techs that brag about being fast will rarely have an in-depth or proper consultation where a lash tech will talk about the styling you will be receiving. A real lash artist will take into account your natural eye shape, your eyelids,  the set of the eyes (wide set, narrow set, etc). and your expectations, and hair type. Lash extensions are not a “one style fits all” treatment and they must be customized to compliment your unique set of eyes! Not to mention a rushed job is often a glued together job-not healthy for the lashes!
A way to know youve had a cheap lash set  is those providers often do a blend of only two lash lengths (shorter on the inner eye and the longer length across the whole rest of the eye), whereas top professional tier lash stylists mix 3-6 lash extension lengths, offer a variety of curls, and diameters to suit your kind of hair and the expectations of your desired lash look. A correct styling looks fluffy, full, and actually fixes flaws ! 

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