Sunday, September 17, 2017

My Best Wedding Gown Picks in Tel Aviv Israel!

Many brides come to me for their wedding day and ask me where to find the best for their special day. As luck would have it, I am planning my own special day! Shopping for a wedding dress usually begins for a woman when she is just a toddler, but for me, only until a few weeks ago. I looked all over instagram and facebook, and here are my top picks!
Did you know that the average price to rent a wedding gown in Israel is 15,000 NIS? And thats just to rent, not to buy! Israel does have the prettiest selection however in my opinion.

Want to feel like a real life princess? Check out BERTA in Ashdod, who will customize one of their designs just for you, and let me tell you, the dresses look exactly as they do on the model! You will feel like you stepped out of a wedding catalogue!
Call 08-8555151
If you can't afford Berta, you can try out many second hand sales around the city with brand names. These sales are a bit hectic, without proper place to change, or as I experienced, a limited selection for sizes 8-10 USA. When I went to Alon Livne sale I found only 2-3 options in my size, and they cost 7,000 NIS. If you are a small size I highly recommend shopping at  a sale, or you can try Rebride, a fantastic second hand bridal store that sells dresses starting at 1,500 NIS. She has a great selection and wonderful customer service. If you want you can even sell your'e dress back to Rebride after using it on consignment and make back %50 what you paid for it!
Call 077-204-7081
I definately recommend going to rebride and checking out her selection before paying full price anywhere else.
If you are looking for hair accessories without a strict budget look no further than Efrat Cassouto. Her selection will take youre breath away!