Monday, January 30, 2017

Dr. David Friedman

I found Dr. Friedman while looking for an actual certified doctor to do my laser. No where in Tel Aviv could I find a Dr. to do laser hair removal. I had been burned already once by a large chain provider and was very scared to just go to any place. He is so freindly, proffessional, and attentive. Located in Jerusalem and also Ramat Aviv in Tel Aviv, he is easy to get to. He also offers other dermological treatments including american style tasteful filler and botox, and vein removal and psoriasis treatments.
Here is his contact info:


60 Diskin Street across number 15, Jerusalem, Israel
Phone: 02-563-5673
Fax: 02-563-8185

Brodetsky 43, Entrance A, 2nd Floor
Phone: 03-612-2322
Fax: 02-563-8185

Maayan in Express Tan on Big Brother

This is how a spray tan looks right after you get sprayed. But don't worry! soon it will turn into a fabulous natural looking tan!

Take a look at Maayan on the Big Brother TV show in Israel. This first picture is of her right after we sprayed her. She waited 8 hours to let the tan develop and then you can see the final results. Just beautiful!
Maayan, pictured sitting in middle after she let her tan develop for 8 hours. Look at that natural looking brown glow!

תראו את מעיין לפני ואחרי השיזוף בהתזה שעשיתי בבית האח הגדול

To schedule a spray tan in Tel Aviv please call 050-292-2925

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Watch The Contestants on Big Brother Get Spray Tanned by me!

In case you missed it, check out Express Tan on the contestants of the Big Brother house in Israel!
Click on the link here!
To make an appointment for spray tan in Tel Aviv please call 050-292-2925
במקרה ופיספסת את התכנית הנה קישור לוידאו של השיזוף בהתזה שעשיתי למעיין ואביחי מהאח הגדול

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Yumi Lashes on Yochi!

Yumi Lashes on Yochi! Lifts, curls, and colors for 2 months! No upkeep! Look at the difference!
To schedule an appointment to do Yumi Lashes in Tel Aviv please call 050-292-2925

Monday, January 23, 2017

שיזוף בהתזה בהאח הגדול

תראו את מעיין ואביחי אחרי השיזוף בהתזה שעשיתי למתמודדים בבית האח הגדול
To schedule a spray tan in Tel Aviv please call 050-292-2925

Thats me behind the screen!

right after the spray...

 I had so much fun on the Big Brother TV show on Channel 22 spray tanning Maayan and Avichai! Look at the gorgeous color! Results last 7-10 days. Never orange, never blotchy or spotty. Organic Vegan formulas in many different tones including the one hour express tan! Call me to schedule your big brother tan! 050-292-2925

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Maayan in Her Express Tan on Big Brother

Look at gorgeous Maayan and her deep dark #spraytan on #bigbrother live #channel22 #israel. I had fun turning her super duper dark (ok ok I admit it, Big Brother made me do it!) And now she looks like she just got back from the Bahamas!
To schedule a spray tan in Tel Aviv please call 050-292-2925

Spray Tanning Live on Big Brother Israel!

Yes!! שיזוף בהתזה SPRAY TAN (thats me😉)Tanning the residents @ the BIG BROTHER's house ! 😉
NOW LIVE on Channel22. And it's HYSTERICAL what I'm doing to them!
The whole story will be exposed on the Big Borther's episode this Sunday 😁
עכשיו בבית האח הגדול!
משזפים את הדיירים -
בערוץ 22 לייב!
הסיפור המלא בתכנית האח הגדול ביום ראשון הקרוב 😁
משימת ה"כן-לא" יצאה לדרך והפיתוי הראשון נפל היישר לידיים של מעיין ואביחי - שיזוף בהתזה שיהפוך אותם לברבי וקן
To schedule a spray tan in Tel Aviv please call 050-292-2925

Friday, January 20, 2017

Light Express Tan on Yoyo from Stello Girls at Miss Universe!

Check out YoYo from STELLOGIRLS shoot empowering Miss Universe wearing her שיזוף בהתזה Express Tan in light natural !
To schedule a spray tan in Tel Aviv please call 050-292-2925

Sunday, January 15, 2017

10 Things No One Tells You About Spray Tanning

We don't need to tell you that you should be wearing sunscreen every. Single. Day. (Right?) Given that any darkening of the skin indicates some sun damage has occurred, it's smart to make a habit of slathering on the SPF—which makes spray tans an appealing alternative. But how much do you really know about the sunless stuff? We asked Beautisol founder Sinead Norenius to spill the secrets you need to know to get a believable bronze—and make it last.

To schedule a spray tan in Tel Aviv please call 050-292-2925

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Lash Extensions

Lash Extensions change the shape of your face, help you feel and look more sexy! Call for a consultation in Tel Aviv       : 050-292-2925