Friday, April 20, 2012

Photo Shoot for Fashion TV model wearing Express Tan

More photos, videos from shoot to come, check out link all credits :

צילום סטילס- Moshe Saragani עוזר צלם- Mor Saragani עיצוב אופנה- Tzesin Eden ,Rossello Shmariaעיצוב טכסטיל - Tzesin Eden ,Rossello Shmariaסטיילינג- Chen Asarafעיצוב שיער- Natali Keinan איפור- Natali Keinan עורך ראשי- Nir Ovadia צלמי וידאו- Gilad Glasberg Nir Ovadia Idan Shiller הפקה- Fashion TV עוזרות הפקה- Lilach Hallawi Klein Reut

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Complete Bridal Packages

Express Tan teams up with Collie Salon to offer complete bridal packages-Hair, Tan, Cosmetic+ Makeup, the full treatment for the big day.
Collie is a professional, and will understand how to style your hair -perfect for us discerning blondes and picky anglos!
Don't leave your special day to the unknown. Collie is a veteran in the industry and boasts many covers, and jobs on his list , most impressive and recent, preparing hair for Israel's fashion week runways.
Get a very special price and a perfect look for you or your wedding party. Let us come to you!
Check with us for pricing, click on fanpage:

Aliza's delicate wedding tan!

tanned sisters!

Express Tan Featured in Go Style Magazine!

Chen the journalist is wearing it, top right, and article bottom left!