Monday, September 27, 2010

Spray Tan in Jerusalem tomorrow, Tuesday the 28th!

Hello all my Jerusalem spray tanners!

I will be in Jerusalem tomorrow night, Tuesday, the 28th to spray tan. Please call me if you would like to secure a time to be sprayed. I am bringing 7 different tones to choose from!



Sunday, September 26, 2010

The advantages of getting a spray tan

Spray tan makes your eyes look bluer or brighter/ also makes eyes look larger
Spray tan makes teeth look whiter
Spray tan helps hide imperfections like acne, stretch marks, veins, and hides severe sun spots
Spray tan creates a look of being toned and muscular
Spray tan makes you appear more in shape and slender
Spray tan gives you a sun kissed appearance, there by you look healthier (as if you stayed out in the sun!)
Spray tan is less risky then the sun or UV, causing no sun damage or exposure to harmful rays
You can be sprayed with added formula drops like caffeine you can actually slim your appearance or moisturize dry skin!
Safe for pregnant woman to get a glow
Spray tan only takes 10 minutes to achieve an ultra dark tan, while UV and sun can take 5 times that amount of time
Spray tan is cheaper then UV (since its an immediate color, and UV you have to go back a  few times till achieving results)
You can decide where you want it lighter or darker in color, controlling the effect
Your spray tan technician can create contouring, creating the illusion of muscles and tone
Spray tan can create a tan for a person who normally cannot achieve one
Spray tan helps vitiligo sufferers and those who have pigmentation problems

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Some fun facts about spray tanning with ExpressTan!

ExpressTan on the set of Hayaffa Lach in Netanya After spray tanning live on National TV!

The formulas that ExpressTan uses are sure to turn your bronze or brown and never orange!
Express tan can even help those affected with vitiligo!

Spray tanning can allow even the whitest clients achieve a dark golden brown, that can normally not be achieved by UV or sun- all without skin damage!

It's a proven fact that you will get up to 40% darker when using indoor tanning, this will result in a deeper,darker,longer lasting tan!

ExpressTan offers organic formulas imported from the USA which have been approved by the FDA and by the American Cancer Association.

Express tan uses formula that is oil free,  paraben free, erythrulose free and fragrance free.

ExpressTan can spray tan you a gorgeous brown or bronze glow in the comfort of your own home anytime for a very reasonable cost! I can travel to your venue or event, bringing a range of six- eight organic FDA approved imported from USA tones to choose from! I pride myself on the warmth and care regarding each and every one of the customers I spray. I will do my very best to get you the bronze glow you are dreaming of!

I am currently the only mobile spray tan technician in Tel Aviv. I have sampled many formulas, and know the best ones to u for each skin type. I am in touch with thousands of spray tan technicians in the USA and understand the latest techniques and tools in the business. I pride myself on superior customer service, and am obsessed with the field of spray tanning, to make sure you look as natural or as tanned as you would love to be!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Customer at Gay Pride Parade in Tel Aviv! Enjoying her HOT tan!

Natural Delicate Express Tan

Natural Brown color
White and pale before...

tone and tanned just 6 hours later!

With white skin, then after a natural looking glow!

A customer with bronze extra tan glow

Its finally here! An application that will remove old spray tan instantly!

Did you have a bad spray tan and need someone to remove it or lighten it up a bit?
Did you accidentally touch yourself and now have spray tan formula on your palms?
Maybe you are a spray tan lover and do it so much, it gets hard to remove build-up old spray tans!

Now, I can spray you with a special formula in the airbrush machine, and in minutes the entire old tan will be removed! Exclusive to ExpressTan in the entire Israel! Cannot be found anywhere else in the region!

שיזוף בהתזה EXPRESS TAN spray tans live on channel 24

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

So now you got yourself a hot sexy tan...What to wear in Tel Aviv?

I absolutely just love this fashion blog. Its easy to read, got lots of real life (not staged) photos of real women, and keeps me up to date what is hot and trendy to wear in tel aviv day or night...from accessories to dresses on a 50 shekel budget or to seriously splurge, check out this blog to find out your dress code for a tel aviv holiday!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

An Express Tan TLV spray tan after 1 week...

After One week tan is still brown while it fades, no streaking or lines. Special formula from Express Tan TLV allows you natural dark rich color until you decide to remove it!