Monday, November 13, 2017

Yumi Lash Lift And Tint

Look how to lash lifting and tinting from YUMI really makes her lashes look curlier and longer! Over the next 2 days the lashes will look even fuller as they separate. (I applied nuroushing oil to condition her lashes before she left her session.)

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Sunday, October 29, 2017

When you're on vacation and your spray tan is on point! Yuval Scharf looking bronzed and beautiful in her Express Spray Tan! 💖

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Thursday, October 5, 2017

Bridal Spray Tan And Lash Extensions

Spray Tan And Lash Extensions by Spray tan Tel Aviv and Makeup By Reem Sharvit in Jerusalem Dress by Michal Azulay in Jerusalem

Sunday, September 17, 2017

My Best Wedding Gown Picks in Tel Aviv Israel!

Many brides come to me for their wedding day and ask me where to find the best for their special day. As luck would have it, I am planning my own special day! Shopping for a wedding dress usually begins for a woman when she is just a toddler, but for me, only until a few weeks ago. I looked all over instagram and facebook, and here are my top picks!
Did you know that the average price to rent a wedding gown in Israel is 15,000 NIS? And thats just to rent, not to buy! Israel does have the prettiest selection however in my opinion.

Want to feel like a real life princess? Check out BERTA in Ashdod, who will customize one of their designs just for you, and let me tell you, the dresses look exactly as they do on the model! You will feel like you stepped out of a wedding catalogue!
Call 08-8555151
If you can't afford Berta, you can try out many second hand sales around the city with brand names. These sales are a bit hectic, without proper place to change, or as I experienced, a limited selection for sizes 8-10 USA. When I went to Alon Livne sale I found only 2-3 options in my size, and they cost 7,000 NIS. If you are a small size I highly recommend shopping at  a sale, or you can try Rebride, a fantastic second hand bridal store that sells dresses starting at 1,500 NIS. She has a great selection and wonderful customer service. If you want you can even sell your'e dress back to Rebride after using it on consignment and make back %50 what you paid for it!
Call 077-204-7081
I definately recommend going to rebride and checking out her selection before paying full price anywhere else.
If you are looking for hair accessories without a strict budget look no further than Efrat Cassouto. Her selection will take youre breath away!

Monday, August 21, 2017

Lash Extensions in Tel Aviv

You don't always need to go super long to get the drama you are looking for when it comes to lash extensions. Sometimes shorter and fuller are better! Take a look at these beauties in a 11mm length!

Sunday, August 20, 2017

10 Dos and Don’ts of Getting a Bridal Spray Tan

Say “yes” to the tan (without the orange).
by Parker Butler
Bride and groom alone on the beach
We’ve all heard the horror stories of spray tans gone wrong (the streaking, the peeling, the orange tint that never seems to fade). Though some brides choose to go natural to avoid the risk of a tanning mishap, not all sunless tanning options lead to disaster—with the right research and professional treatment, a spray tan might be the perfect sun-kissed finish to your bridal look. Leaning toward the idea of a fabulous faux glow? Melissa Weinberg, founder of Melissa Weinberg Tanning & Beauty and Perfect Glow Sunless, shares her top spray tanning dos and don’ts.

1. Do: Research professional salons with bridal tanning specialists.

Finding the right spray tan professional is super important. Research spray tan salons with experts who specialize specifically in bridal tanning, that way you know your skin is in the right hands.

2. Don't: Argue with your specialist when it comes to color.

Once you find your pro, listen to them when it comes to picking the right shade for you (especially if they tell you to go with a lighter one). “I always recommend they go light and natural,” Weinberg says. “A bridal tan should enhance your natural beauty and not overpower it.”

3. Do: Schedule spray tan trial sessions. 

Schedule trial sessions at least one month in advance to allow you and your spray tan specialist to customize a color and solution that best suits you (because the last thing you want is to look like Ross from Friends after his tanning fiasco). If you don’t have time for a trial session, ask your specialist to test a patch of skin. “Your stomach or legs should be good [for testing] if you’ll be wearing a long gown,” Weinberg says.  

4. Don’t: Spray over an old spray tan.

Schedule your last trial several weeks before your wedding day so you aren’t spraying over an old spray tan. “I compare [spraying over an old tan] to getting a manicure without taking the old, chipped nail polish off first,” Weinberg says. “Up close, it’s not going to look good, and every bride's wedding tan should look perfect.”

5. Do: Exfoliate your skin.

Exfoliate your skin a day or two before your spray tan appointment, and use gloves instead of a washcloth. But... 

6. Don’t: Exfoliate the day of your spray tan appointment.

You shouldn’t use any scrubs, oils or lotions the day of the appointment. “Oils leave a film on your skin that can create a barrier and possibly block the spray tan absorption,” Weinberg says.

7. Do: Wait to shower.

We know that post-sprayed feeling isn’t ideal, but hold off on showering after your spray tan appointment. The time it takes for a spray tan to properly set depends on the type of tanning solution used, so ask your specialist how long you should wait before showering.

8. Don’t: Use soap.

“Many commercial bar soaps create havoc on a spray tan,” Weinberg says, so avoid using soap during your first rinse. Use a salon-recommended soap for the following showers to avoid any fading or blotching. 

9. Do: Get other treatments done before a spray tan.

You should absolutely pamper yourself the days leading up to your wedding, but make sure to book any spa treatments for before your spray tan appointment. Weinberg suggests you plan any massages, mani-pedis and sauna detoxes before your appointment to avoid accidental smearing or removing of the spray tan.

10. Don’t: Be afraid to ask questions.

There’s no such thing as too many questions here. Ask your specialist to describe their spraying methods as well as the salon's ingredients, bronzers and fade times. “Even if you’ve spray tanned 100 times, every salon uses different sunless tanning solution,” Weinberg says. Spray tan preparation and preservation are just as important as inquiring about the tanning process. Weinberg suggests  you ask for a printed list of aftercare instructions to make sure you prolong your glow from your wedding day through the honeymoon.
Want more beauty tips? Read how to get glowing skin for your wedding day.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

New Spray Tan Formula For Red Heads!

שיזוף בהתזה בטכנולוגיה מיוחדת וחדשה 
ספרי שיזוף שנעשה בפורמולה מיוחדת מותאמת בלונדיניות וג'ינגיות.
מראה טבעי וזהר!!!!!
לא מתקבל כגוון כתום או גוון מלאכותי!!!!
נראה מושלם
זמן התפתחות הצבע על העור כשעתיים
לוקח רק כשעתיים להתפתחות
Introducing...a brand new spray tan formula specifically formulated for Red Heads and Blondes! It has a natural looking glow that will not turn you orange or fake looking! Did I mention it only takes 2 hours to develop?

Adorable Client in her Lash Extensions

Adorable client in her lash extensions! She loved them so much she decided to send a selfie 

Monday, June 12, 2017

Happy client loves her lash extensions!

Liz writes: תודה רבה על ריסים מושלמות!!!
בזכותך אני מרגישה יפה וזוהרת בלי איפור!!! 
אני בעננים.... 
תודה תודה תודה
Love you! 💗

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Full set of Lash Extensions on Liz

Check out Liz in her new Lash Extensions! She came all the way from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv and she was so excited by her new look!

Friday, May 26, 2017

Eyelash Extensions on YoYO From Stello Girls!

watch me apply lash extensions in fast pace to YoYo's lashes from Stello Girls!

Yoyo Writes about her newbie lash extension experience: "I WOKE UP LIKE THIS!!! Yesterday I went and tried out EYELASH EXTENSIONS for the first time! I know, I know, I’m late to the game but OMG HOW GORGEOUS ARE THEY?! My actual eyelashes are thin, short, and light but I’ve ALWAYS been obsessed with some sweeping Bambi lashes, you know? Unfortunately putting on falsies everyday is a PAIN. IN. THE. BUTT. and that glue gets everywhere, sometimes the lashes fall out, ugh. Disaster. That’s why these extensions are a GAME CHANGER!
I’ve known for a while that I wanted to try out extensions and even though they’re a bit of a splurge they look drop dead GORG and if you take good care of them, they can last for about 3-6 weeks!!! LOVE IT!
Also can we talk about how EASY my morning routine is with these babies!!??! I wake up basically READY TO GO ! They’re also like a huge source of confidence. Have you girls ever seen Memoirs of a Geisha? You know that scene where she’s like “A TRUE Geisha can stop a man in his tracks with one look.” After I got my lashes in I was like THAT’S ME NOW! BAM, BAM, BAM, I GOT THIS. YAS!
The process was surprisingly relaxing? LOL! I got mine done at Express Tan in Tel Aviv, and a big big SMOOCH to the GORGEOUS blonde bombshell Rose for making the treatment SO incredibly relaxing, and super FAB! If you’re interested in the specifics of my lashes I got a B curl for the 12 length and a C curl for the 10-9 inner corner of the eye! What I love MOST about Rose’s work is how gentle she is with my real lashes. It’s SUPER important to remember chicas, go to a real PROFESH – you don’t want a newbie who glues your ACTUAL lashes and rips them apart!
I do have super strict instructions for caring for them, like DO NOT wear mascara, don’t use oil-based cleansers or lotions, DON’T RUB YOUR EYES (this one is gonna be hard for me, especially during allergy season!), and don’t SLEEP on your lashes! Kind of a lot to think about but they’re so beautiful of course I’m gonna do whatever I can to keep them nice!
BOTTOM LINE, I love them! Have any of you tried ’em? Let me know how you feel about eyelash extensions!
XO – Yoyo"

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