Saturday, September 24, 2016

October Special

Special Offer for the month of October!
Do a full set of lash extensions or Yumi Lashes and get a Free half body tan (upper torso or just legs)
To schedule call 050-292-2925

Wedding Dj!

In my business I meet a lot of brides...some Who do not live in Israel but are looking for the right people to make their day special. And what is a wedding without the best music?!
Dj Itzik Dadia knows how to get ALL your guests dancing the entire night with his special know how of all things music. From Jazz to trance he can tailor your special day to make it unforgettable. Itzik will have everyone from your kid guests to your grandparents dancing the night away.
Itzik also plays at some of the hottest bars and clubs in Tel Aviv Israel. He is the Resident DJ at Zou Bizou as well as a regular at the Secret Garden & Aria Bar & Restaurant, so he knows the latest music trends and keeps his events classic and modern all with a tasteful flair.
Itzik has an eclectic background in music ranging from pop, to dance, mizrachi, techno, anything you dream of for your special day he can provide! Besides for being punctual and professional he is a lot of fun and knows how to rev out the crowd!
To schedule a free consult please call Itzik at 052-8552791 or email

Monday, September 19, 2016

Vous rêvez de soins VIP à l'américaine?

Vous rêvez de soins VIP à l'américaine?

Express tan est l'institut préféré des stars, à Tel Aviv comme dans tout Israel!

Spray auto bronzant*, tanning artificiel à l'airbrush*, extensions de cils**, extensions de cheveux.

*Bronzage artificiel réalisé à partir d'une formule exclusive:

- teinte réalisée sur mesure, s'adapte automatiquement à votre carnation de peau

- ne laisse pas de traces disgracieuses, même après plusieurs jours

- ne vire pas à l'orange

- tenue longue durée

**Extensions de cils 3D de qualité supérieure en soie ou vison

Informations et rendez-vous au 050-292-2925

Cosmetics by Nadya

I only get my eyebrows shaped at Nadya!
Nadya is excited to debut Microblading....the newest trend in making your eyebrows appear fuller and thicker instantly! Perfect for those who don't have many natural eyebrows or anything at all! This technique is more advanced than regular tattooing, She is able to mimic the natural texture of your hair. No one will know its not real! Check out the left and the right side of her client to see the natural looking results

Services at Nadya Cosmetics: *Gel mani pedi *Eyebrow shaping, tattooing, Microblading, waxing, tweezing *Facials, antiaging, acne, peeling/exfoliation, moisturizing, fades pigmentation, post acne treatments *Waxing, men/women *Certified Makeup Artist *Cellulite massage *Mobile service provided in your home or hotel *Speaks English, Russian, Hebrew

About Nadya: Certified Cosmetician Studied makeup at Il Mikiage, Pro Medi Asthetic School, Super Nail School, Specialized courses in skin renewal post operation, Skin peeling at Christina, Tattooing at French School
or call 050-596-2993

Sunday, September 18, 2016

How Long Does A Spray Tan Last For?

My new clients always ask  “how long will my spray spray tan last?” so let me take a minute to talk about it. I always tell my clients that your spray tan will last between 7 - 10 days, but some clients can get their spray tan to last even longer. How do they do it? With my tanning tips!

Do not wax right before your appointment
Do not do your tan and then run around in the sun, it will melt the tan off!
Do not wash dishes or clean your floors right after the tan! Do not get wet.
Try to schedule your tan in the evening after the sun goes down a bit so you dont sweat it off
Most importantly, follow the special instructions I give you at the appointment to make sure the results stay amazing.

If we choose the right color and maintenance is adhered, every spray tan should be in good condition for 7-10 days...