Sunday, May 23, 2010


Hey everyone!

Exciting news! I am offering a new color, with dark chocolate undertones, for a great discount price for first time customers!


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Advice on being selective about your spray tan artist

Spray taning is not spray painting. It is a delicate proccess involving chemicals, customized for your personal skin tone, technique and a steady hand for a natural look. If your spray tan provider issues just anyone to spray you in her salon this is alarming. Only qualified and experianced technicians can issue a convincing looking tan. A good idea is to ask the spray tan artist how long they have been spraying, and who issued their certification. Another good idea is to ask for photos of satisfied clients, not just pictures pulled off the web.
Another thing to consider is, does the spray tan artist listen to your concerns? Does she hurry or take time to spray you correctly? Does she take care to make sure your hands and feet are well protected against overspray? A freindly and Honest spray tan proffessional is someone who always takes the time to do the job right.

An uneven tan can last for days, why take the risk?