Tuesday, November 4, 2014

4 Tips For Getting The Best Airbrush Tan Of Your Life!

Often a client will ask me, how long will my airbrush tan last?

The response is complicated, as many factors play a role in how well your tan will last you; from formula choice, to prepping, to application to drying to maintenance- all parts of the process will determine how beautiful your tan will appear and how long it will last, as well how gradually it will fade. Even the best technician with the best formula can only do so much, the rest is in the hands of the client.

Here are a few tips to make sure your tan comes out beautifully every time:

Are you coming to your tan appointment with product on your body? Old bronzer/self tan? Did you wax right before the application? Any product left on your body will create a barrier and in some cases, discoloration.

Choosing the right color/tone/formula is imperative to a successful natural looking fake tan. You don't want people to know you did a spray tan right? Just as no haircut serves every person, so too, there is no one tan formula for all clients.

I give my clients very specific instructions how to stand and behave during the tanning application and drying period. Failure to listen to said instructions can cause discoloration or fold lines in the outcome. Usually a tan resolves its unified appearance after the first shower, but no one wants to be streaky leaving their airbrush tan appointment or risk even discoloration after! Listen to the technician, she knows and wants to help you look your best!

4. DRY
Make sure when you are done getting your airbrush tan you dry completely before getting dressed. A wet tan will smear on your clothing and the outcome might be streaky, uneven, or lighter. If you properly dry you know you have less concern in movement getting home and that your tan comes out even and true to the intensity you were seeking.

More tips to come soon!

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